2023 Committee of Secretaries

The Committee of Secretaries is directly involved in the development and management of program activities and services. This committee plays an important role in program planning, providing recommendations to the board on the relative priority of major programs within the Academy.

*Members of the Board of Trustees.

Name:Stephen D McLeod, MD San Francisco, CA Position:Chief Executive Officer Expires:12/2023

Name:R. V. Paul Chan, MD, MBA Chicago, IL Position:Secretary for Global Alliances Expires:12/2024

Name:Emily Y Chew, MD Bethesda, MD Position:Editor-in-Chief, Ophthalmology Science Expires:12/2023

Name:Roy S Chuck, MD, PHD Bronx, NY Position:Secretary for Quality of Care Expires:12/2025

Name:David B Glasser, MD Ellicott City, MD Position:Secretary for Federal Affairs Expires:12/2023

Name:Ravi D Goel, MD Cherry Hill, NJ Position:Senior Secretary for Ophthalmic Practice Expires:12/2025

Name:Henry D. Jampel, MD, MHS Baltimore, MD Position:Editor-in-Chief, Ophthalmology Glaucoma Expires:12/2023

Name:Bennie H. Jeng, MD Philadelphia, PA Position:Secretary for Annual Meeting Expires:12/2025

Name:Rahul N Khurana, MD Mountain View, CA Position:Secretary for Online Education Expires:12/2023

Name:Aaron M Miller, MD, MBA Spring, TX Position:Secretary for Member Services Expires:12/2024

Name:John D Peters, MD Omaha, NE Position:Secretary for State Affairs Expires:12/2023

Name:Christopher J Rapuano, MD Philadelphia, PA Position:Senior Secretary for Clinical Education Expires:12/2024

Name:Michael X Repka, MD, MBA Baltimore, MD Position:AAO Medical Director for Governmental Affairs Expires:12/2023

Name:Andrew P Schachat, MD Cleveland, OH Position:Editor-in-Chief, Ophthalmology Retina Expires:12/2023

Name:Dianna L Seldomridge, MD, MBA Mooresville, NC Position:Secretary for Communications Expires:12/2023

Name:J. Timothy Stout, MD, PHD, MBA Houston, TX Position:Secretary for Lifelong Learning & Assessment Expires:12/2024

Name:Russell N Van Gelder, MD, PHD Seattle, WA Position:Editor-in-Chief, Ophthalmology Expires:12/2023

Name:George A Williams, MD Royal Oak, MI Position:Senior Secretary for Advocacy* Expires:12/2023

Name:Ruth D Williams, MD Wheaton, IL Position:Editor-in-Chief, EyeNet Expires:12/2023